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—July 2017—

Tuesday, July 18th  | C4 Delegates Meeting at 5:30 PM, Blodgett Mills Park

Wednesday, July 26th  |  Golf Tournament, Willowbrook Golf Course

Rev. Vicki Johnson Burtson is our honoree!
Please help us recruit golfers for this, our largest fund-raiser

Register for the Tournament | Sponsor the Tournament

—August 2017—

Sunday, August 6th  |  Chautauqua Worship at 11am, The Green, Homer

“Come and be Fed” – The Rev. Dr. Aaron Bouwens is preaching, Joe Ford will lead music. There will be a community choir, so please do join us!

—September 2017—


—October 2017—

Sunday, October 8th  |  CROP Walk

—November 2017—

Friday, November 10th | Cortaca Mug, The Interfaith Center

Sunday, November 19th  |  Community Thanksgiving Service at 7 PM, Location TBD

—December 2017—


And… see you at the Epiphany Choir Festival at Grace and Holy Spirit Church on January 7, 2018!

Past Events!

Cortaca Mug 2014

For six years, our Cortaca Mug has grown in scope and support. In 2013, at least 250 students spent all or part of their evening at the Interfaith Center in an alcohol/drug-free environment. 16 students won major prizes, ranging from gift certificates from Frosted, the Blue Frog and the Pita Gourmet, to iPod shuffles (donated by us), and a Party Rocker (donated by ASC). 30 additional students won homemade sweet breads donated by AnnMarie Mooney. We were delighted to include nine of our campus ministry alumni, President Bitterbaum, Vice President Sharer, and several faculty members.

 Cortaca_TyeDye CortacaMug_Midnightdancing CortacaMug_Mug

CROP Walk 2013

We raised over $11k with over 400 walkers!

CROP Walk 2013


Cortaca Mug at the Interfaith Center, November 2012.

This drug/alcohol-free event offers SUNY Students an alternative on Cortaca Weekend (when Cortland plays Ithaca in football).

5years Playing games at Cortaca Mug The Interfaith Crew at Cortaca Mug

Mission Trip Spring 2012.

We recently returned from a very successful Mission Trip! While we were there we accomplished the following:
//Friday Morning— Sorted clothing by gender & season, then boxed it up.
//Friday Afternoon— Verified flood buckets, completing a total of  3 palettes full!
// Saturday Morning— Packed health kits ( 30 boxes of them in total)
All of these materials will eventually be shipped to areas in the world where disasters have occurred.  For more information about Mission Central and how you can help, google Mission Central, Mechanicsburg, PA

CROP Walk on Oct. 23, 2011.

To date, we raised over $10,000 for Church World Service. And of that amount, our “Interfaith Crew” is responsible for raising $455  ($155 more than last year).
Many thanks to all those involved for your support in making this a truly successful event.

Picture below (left) Rev. Peter Williams and Rev. Vicki Johnson, pointing to the welcome sign for the CROP Walk, which began at Grace Holy Spirit Church; (right) Some of the SUNY Cortland student members of the CROP Walk team.